The purpose of IPRA is to advance research into the conditions of peace and the causes of war and other forms of violence. To this end IPRA engages in global cooperation for the advancement of peace research by: promoting national and international studies and teaching for pursuit of world peace, facilitating global contacts among scholars and educators, and encouraging the global dissemination of research results through scientific publications and information on other peace research activities.

IPRA Commissions                         

IPRA Commissions are working groups based on specified themes or subject areas related to world peace which are examined and deliberated upon by peace researchers and scholars. Discussion groups and conferences are organised based on peace topics or commissions. IPRA’s scientific work occurs in its Commissions. New Commissions are proposed by IPRA members and are established by the SGs in consultation with the Executive Committee and the IPRA Council.

IPRA Commission Convenors are the key actors in organising peace research and representing its academic quality. A Commission may elect or appoint one or more conveners who must be IPRA members in good standing. Young promising IPRA members are encouraged to become co-convenors. IPRA’s commissions are also encouraged to publish their results in peer-reviewed journals or books.

General functioning of the Commissions are reviewed but not infringed upon by the Executive Committee. All Commissions submit reports on their past activity within 60 days of the General Conference.

Convenors rotate out of leadership at least every six years.

IPRA Commissions are created and supported by decision of the Executive Committee, provided that their purposes and activities are compatible with the statute of IPRA, and periodically reconfirmed. A Commission may elect or appoint one or more conveners. These appointments are subject to ratification by the IPRA Executive Committee, which may, in exceptional circumstances, veto the choice(s) made and appoint other(s) to the role of convener(s), instead.

Commission Conveners are the key actors in organising peace research in IPRA. After every IPRA General Conference 60 days later they are required to give a detailed report of the activities of their commission, including potentially publishable papers, to the Secretaries General.

Any commission that cannot garner up to 10 (Ten) participants/presenters at any IPRA conference are reverted to the status of a “Caucus” for that conference and can only regain a “Commission” status in subsequent conferences if it meets this minimum criterion. Commissions should work in between IPRA conferences to consolidate their academic work. 



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