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“We who started IPRA were from the Northwestern part of the world; however, IPRA has, like the world, moved East and South, with a Turkish Delight and a Sierra Leone Diamond as secretaries, with a Prognosis: we will move on to Islam and China–India still needs time to grow with our Guiding Spirit: Gandhi. Then back to a more modest Northwest, circling on, as we should”, Professor Johann Galtung at the 2014 IPRA in Istanbul. 

"When we respond to conflict, we are actually responding to the meanings we make out of it. Social meanings are constructed and disseminated by media, of all kinds. So it is to media, and to journalism – news about conflict – that we need to turn, if we are to create a symbolic climate that is conducive to nonviolent responses, and to exposing and challenging structural and cultural violence. Hence – Peace Journalism", Dr Jake Lynch, former Secretary General of IPRA at the 23RD IPRA conference in Sydney, Australia in July 2010

"In a fast changing globalized world, our temperament - the way we deal with time -will determine the success or failure of dealing with global crises,     sustainable peacebuilding and development. Despite the urgency of handling time more effectively, too much time is wasted and misused. Let’s  check our temperament   and adapt it for more effective peace work,"  Professor Luc Reychler, former IPRA Secretary General at the 2014 IPRA conference in Istanbul



Peace researchers join because IPRA is the largest and most established global professional organisation in the field of peace research, a field that is addressed from a wide range of interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives.   Read More ...

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 28th Biennial IPRA Conference in Nairobi, Kenya  from 11-15/01/2021  Read More 

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