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 IPRA Statute (2014)






At the 17th General Conference in Brisbane (1996) the Secretary General (Karlheinz Koppe) was mandated to formulate the following internal rules which have been in vogue for many years but until now have not been formulated in written form. The Secretary General submitted a text to the Council which gave its agreement so that these rules from now on are formally binding on all officers and members of IPRA (from the IPRA

Newsletter, vol. 35, no. 1, March 1997).

Due to financial strains the working language of the Association is English, but all members shall have the right to express themselves in one of the working languages of UNESCO.

NB With the amendments to the statutes, adopted in the Calgary Conference, the first two points of the ‘internal rules’ not more valid, as the elections are for four year terms.

IPRA STATUTES (revised as of August 2014)

IPRA STATUTES (revised as of November 2012)

IPRA STATUTES (registered as of March 2008 in Belgium) in Dutch

IPRA STATUTES (revised as of September 2006) in English

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