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IPRA’s General Conference in 2023

IPRA’s General Conference in 2023 was held in Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean—a crossroads of the Americas—provided a distinct opportunity to do just that. To progress toward IPRA's mission, we are a Pan-American, Pan-African, Indigenous, and Maroon-centered gathering. Therefore we invited

a diverse international collective of researchers, scholars, artists, activists, protectors, and youth to join us as we envision a world built on justice and peace through collective knowledge-building, sharing, and action.

IPRA’s 2023 Trinidad conference is a space we must immerse ourselves: with our dreams and our most creative thinking about the world we must rebuild. Throughout the post-Covid 19 planet, our fluid movements of movements—of all types and tactics, diverse ideologies and methodologies—we must do the deep research to develop effective strategies such that a “new normality” takes root to replace the barbarous old one.

Follow all the latest updates, deadlines, and opportunities by checking the conference's website and social media account.

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