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IPRA YouTube Channel

Content from throughout the global IPRA network will show up on our devoted channel, with special emphasis on videos from our Biennial Conferences and our Regional Associations. Subscribe to our channel and view all the videos (and occasional livestreams)

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IPRA Podcasts

Produced in conjunction with IPRA's North American affiliate, the Peace and Justice Studies Association, and under the directorship of Karama Habli of Tunisia, past episodes of the PEACES PODCAST can be found on the IPRA YouTube Channel.

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IPRA Peace Search WNV

IPRA is part of the Waging Nonviolence on-line peace media journalist website. Through their Community program, IPRA created PEACE SEARCH, a space for students and scholars to publish their thoughts, news, and perspectives. 


IPRA Newsletter

IPRA Latest News: Quarterly Newsletter Publications.

Welcome to the newest issue of the International Peace Research Association's quarterly newsletter, featuring thought-provoking insights, research highlights, and updates on peacebuilding efforts worldwide.

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